Product number : Pluto’s Stereo and Power Bank Converter
Price :US$ 49.99

Duo Pluto’s Stereo and Power Bank Converter

  • Pluto’s stereo convertor with Power Bank function. Easy to snap on to the standalone headset using our StellarConnect technology.
  • Specs:
    • Power Bank
    • Stereo Convertor
    • Battery Size: 400 mAh / Up to 60 hours of Talk time and 900 hours of standby when connected to Pluto
    • Weight: 113 g (3.99 oz), 319 g (11.25 oz) when connected to Pluto
***Laws prohibiting driving with headsets covering both ears vary from state to state. This headset is only meant for use in compliance with these laws and regulations. Stellar Electronic is not responsible nor liable for any incident that involves the illegal use of this headset.***